Sharp Scapes strives to be a valuable member of our community by demonstrating that a business can operate profitably and be good stewards of the environment. Although the landscaping industry relies on chemicals, fuel, and natural resources, Sharp Scapes seeks innovative ways to reduce our environmental impact while continuing to provide quality service. We carefully follow all restrictions on the use of insecticides and other chemicals, and we focus on environmental sustainability by the following actions:

Sharps Scapes is a good steward of the environment as its crews care for your property.
  • Purchasing energy-efficient equipment
  • Reducing waste in the field through recycling
  • Performing horticulturally correct landscaping tasks
  • Reducing emissions produced in landscaping services
  • Investing in effective equipment to make crews more efficient
  • Reducing use of fossil fuels and toxic chemicals
  • Educating customers and employees on sustainable landscaping practices

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