Your yard needs a special service—called aeration—to keep it looking beautiful. Have you seen your neighbor’s yard being aerated and wondered what’s going on with the noise (and soil plugs left on top of the grass)?

Does Biltmore Gardens aerate? You bet. Keep your lawn just as beautiful by scheduling Sharp Scapes to aerate it.

Simply described, aeration involves perforating the soil and creating small holes so the water, nutrients, and air can penetrate the grass roots. When your soil becomes compacted, organic debris under the grass can starve the roots and prevent the necessary circulation of water, nutrients, and air within the soil.

If your lawn feels “spongy” and dries out easily, it needs aeration. Most of our customers schedule us to aerate their lawns at least annually, and we can determine when and how often your lawn should be aerated – based on the type of grass that you have.

Even if you mow your own lawn and generally take care of it yourself, you may want Sharp Scapes to aerate it for you. Because we already have the right equipment, we can schedule your service with no delay. In addition to having the equipment, we have the trained crews and the time. Hiring us may be your best decision—so you can watch sports on the weekend.

Ready to schedule aeration? Contact Sharp Scapes now. For more information on the how, why, and when of aeration, see the recent article posted on our blog by clicking here.

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