Ice and Snow Removal

Children love snow — property owners, not so much. Keep Sharp Scapes on retainer so that your occupants and visitors can arrive and leave more safely.

Although you might think that in Wake County we don’t see significant snow and ice, when was the last time you were surprised by a quick storm that affected your property? If you manage a property, dealing with snow or ice can be a real headache. Sharp Scapes offers snow and ice removal services to our clients to ensure occupants and visitors can arrive and leave more safely.

Banks wants entrances, sidewalks, and parking areas free of snow and ice after a winter storm. This property in Cary, NC, has had a retainer for snow and ice removal with Sharp Scapes for several years.

In North Carolina, snow and ice removal should be part of your hazard mitigation plan. This can include removing ice and snow from parking lots and sidewalks so that the risk of injury to residents, employees and customers is significantly reduced. Property and facility managers are responsible for making a reasonable effort to ensure the safety of anyone on their property. In the event someone does suffer an injury on your premises, having documentation that you were proactive in addressing ice and snow removal may help reduce any liability or claim for damages against you.

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