Pesticide Management

Grasses, like all plants, are subject to a wide variety of pests, such as weeds, diseases, and insects. Weeds are unsightly and crowd out healthy and desirable plants. Diseases are typically caused by fungi (actually small plants) that use the living tissue of desirable plants for their food. Insects cause specific damage by living on plant parts. Damage by animals (raccoons, skunks, etc.) often occurs because they are digging for insects in your lawn.

Sharp Scapes can treat your property in a manner that’s safe for you and your pets.

When these pests build up to an intolerable level or are causing damage to your property, they need to be controlled. Sharp Scapes offers an integrated pest management control program that keeps pest damage below acceptable thresholds and reduces the impacts on people and the environment. Sharp Scapes is certified by the state of North Carolina to apply pesticides, which are applied only under proper conditions and by following all safety procedures. Although pesticides are used, Sharp Scapes is dedicated to applying them in the most efficient manner that leads to a reduction in their use. (For more information on Sharp Scapes’ eco-friendly practices, click here.)

Whether your property is a residential lawn or commercial grounds, your grass is important for stabilizing the soil and maintaining the aesthetic value. The key to Sharp Scapes’ program is regular and careful monitoring of pest activity. Early detection and control are important to keep any activity below acceptable thresholds. We apply pesticides only when necessary and alternate them to keep pests from developing resistance to them. Part of our integrated approach doesn’t even involve pesticides – we mow at the proper height and use correct nutrients to control pests such as weeds.

Mosquito Control

If this looks like an annoying, unfriendly pest, you’re right.

A specific pest that is often a concern of Sharp Scapes customers is the annoying mosquito. We offer treatment services to control them on your property, and Sharp Scapes is certified by the state of North Carolina to apply pesticides to eliminate mosquitoes. Don’t pay more to a franchise or subsidiary of a national company for the same work that Sharp Scapes can do for you at a much lower cost. For more information on controlling mosquitoes on your property, see the recent article posted on our blog by clicking here.

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